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My passion for the spa experience started over 20 years ago. A designer by trade, I visited spas around the world and questioned why many practices and accessories have never been redesigned with the customer experience and the environment in mind.


Defy the Default:
My mission founding The Spa Circle is to address every default accessory, used by spas for decades,  which were never fit for purpose, are outdated and unsustainable.  Our innovative products are designed in London, crafted in Portugal with the highest quality materials and are made with a low carbon footprint.

Our first priority at The Spa Circle is to address the headrest experience in spas. A massage can leave customers with a face full of painful creases and red marks from standard folded towels over the headrest. The world is still dealing with the Covid virus, so we need headrest covers which provide impeccable hygiene and safety for spa customers. Our patented headrest covers and cushions provide just that: luxury meets safety, giving customers an unparalleled spa experience and peace of mind.

Carmen Homsy

Founder & CEO

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